Open LIBBE System single treatment 110.00 package of 3 300.00 package of 5 485.00 package of 10 950.00 Complimentary tummy warmer, probiotic and coconut electrolyte water * 15.00 cash discount on colonic purchase

Infrared Sauna

single session 20.00 package of 3 55.00 package of 5 85.00 Infrared saunas help the body sweat out toxins and heavy metals, boosts the immune system, reduce pain and inflammation, increase metabolic rate and calms the nervous system * 5.00 cash discount on infrared sauna purchase

Lymphatic Drainage

Biophoton light therapy 75.00 Biophoton light energy facilitates lymph movement and drainage into the bowel. Very beneficial pre-treatment to colonics. * 10.00 cash discount on lymphatic drainage purchase